In the summer, when Dr. Derek Menkedick is not seeing patients in the office or hospital, you can probably find him at the pool or playing outside with his three kids.

It’s a bit of a change to how his life looked in medical school. Newly married, living in Chicago, loving the summers, and dreading the winters, learning about the intricate world of urban medicine.

He attended Northwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, which was a goal of his since he was young.

“It always came back to medicine for me. I never really considered anything else,” said Dr. Menkedick.

He met his wife Rachel in college as they were both Resident Assistants. From there, they moved to Dayton so Dr. Menkedick could complete his residency in Neurology.

“The best part of neurology is I never get bored. I find joy in treating all aspects of it from headaches to Multiple Sclerosis.”

Dr. Menkedick is a certified MS Specialist and helps lead the MS Team at DCND.

“It’s the ability to impact a patient’s life and potentially change their disease course that is really rewarding to me,” he said.

Dr. Menkedick is a big believer in the age-old notion of medicine being an art and science. He said how he talks to his patients and their families is tremendously important in his practice.

“There is not always an answer or solution in neurology, so part of the job is guiding a family through a very difficult time in their lives.”