Infusion Center 

DCND offers an infusion center conveniently located at our Beavercreek office. 

We provide infusion therapy for many different complex chronic conditions including, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, and other complex diseases.  

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Infusion Comfort

Our goal is to provide a quality infusion experience in a comfortable atmosphere. Our center is equipped with comfortable reclining chairs, complimentary wireless internet, and convenient parking. The infusion suite also has its own private entrance for patients and is staffed with well-trained, caring nurses who have years of experience.

Our team diligently works behind the scenes to ensure all steps leading up to your appointment are completed as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. We know that this therapy is a critical piece to your treatment plan and we do not take this fact lightly. Below you find some helpful answers to some frequently asked questions.   

What to Expect

Our infusion suite is staffed with a Registered Nurse who will oversee your infusion from start to finish. Once your infusion treatment is approved by your insurance company, prior to your appointment date, we will provide you with an overview of what to expect for your therapy and will answer any additional questions you may have. If you decide not to move forward with your infusion therapy or have had a change in insurance, please notify us immediately, as well as your provider.

Your First Appointment 

You will be checked in by our team and directed to one of our plush infusion chairs. There is complementary Wi-Fi. Your nurse will take your vitals and start the infusion using an IV. Infusion times vary depending on the drug. The nurse will let you know what to expect before your first visit.


-Let us know if you have recently been ill, have an active infection, and/or are undergoing treatment with antibiotics.

-HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! Increase your water intake and decrease your caffeine intake before your infusion. This helps prepare the veins for successful IV placement.  

-Please let us know if you have had or plan to have a dental or surgical procedure. Also let your dentist know about your IV therapy. There may be a necessary wait period prior to your first infusion. 

-Continue all prescribed medications as ordered by your physician. It is crucial to take your normal medications, including blood pressure and blood sugar medications, and allow them time to take effect on your appointment day.

-You may bring any prescription or over-the-counter  meds you may need for pain, anxiety, muscle spasms/cramps, or other conditions to aid you through your infusion time. We stock medications to prevent or alleviate any side effects or allergic reactions. 


-Do not receive any vaccination without speaking with your provider up to six weeks prior to your first appointment and thereafter while on therapy.

-Do not wait until the day of your infusion to address new or worsening symptoms or problems. If you have any changes, please call and notify the nurse. 

-Odors may trigger allergic reactions or create health problems for other patients or employees. Please refrain from odors from any source such as perfume, cigarette smoke, scented products, foods, animal odor/hair on yourself, clothing or personal items.

-We cannot lift or transfer patients. If you need assistance for lifting, transferring to a chair or going to the restroom when you arrive or during the day, a family member must be available to help you. 

-For confidentiality, privacy and safety reasons, family and guests are not allowed in the infusion suite, unless you require their assistance to transfer to a chair or sign consents. Once those tasks are done, the family member must return to the waiting room. 


Approval Process

Your provider will initiate the request for treatment by sending the treatment order to the infusion suite to begin the approval process with your insurance company. The infusion team will request an authorization for treatment from your insurance company. Insurance companies estimate that an approval or authorization to treat can take 7 or more business days and predetermination can take 15-30 business days. 

Our staff will regularly follow up with your insurance provider until a decision has been rendered. In some cases, your insurance may deny a request for therapy. If this occurs, we will work with your provider to appeal the decision. This process may delay your treatment. 


Your expected responsibility will need to be paid on or before your appointment date. Our representatives can discuss any amounts due from you, after insurance benefits and financial assistance programs are applied.

Patients who have an out of pocket responsibility, such as deductible, coinsurance, and/or copay, exceeding $50, are automatically screened for available Patient Assistance programs.

The Patient Assistance team may call you from phone number 866-302-0606 to complete the application process. Once enrollment is completed, and any out of pocket amount is consented to by the patient, the infusion nurse will reach out to schedule your appointment.

Patients who have commercial insurance may be able to receive funding for their medication through copay assistance programs offered  by the pharmaceutical manufacturer. Patients who have Medicare and government plans have options available through various charitable foundations and grants. We also offer payment plan options to help you manage the costs associated with infusion treatment.  Call 866-302-0606 for any questions or to make a payment.

How can I help expedite my first appointment?

Please complete all requested documentation and respond to requests as quickly as possible. If your therapy requires lab work, such as a lab draw for tuberculosis, hepatitis, or JCV, please complete these as soon as possible. Your health insurance company require these documents prior to approving treatment. 

Insurance Terminology

Prior authorization– an approval from your insurance company for a specific treatment, over a specified time or number of visits, based on their protocols. 

Pre-determination– an approval from your insurance company when an authorization is not required but reviews for medical necessity and coverage rules. 

Deductible– the amount a patient must pay before insurance will pay any portion of treatment. 

Coinsurance– a shared portion the patient must pay before insurance will cover at 100%. Insurance will pay the other shared portion until annual out of pocket maximum is met. 

Out of pocket maximum– the total amount of patient responsibility during a plan year, usually a combination of deductible and co-insurance. 

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