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DCND Parkinson's Research

May 13, 2024
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DCND is partnering with Cohort Science to provide research opportunities to patients.

DCND is currently working with a research partner called Cohort Science, to o er our patients the opportunity to participate in research that’s highly relevant to their health circumstances.

Cohort Science runs studies known as registries, that aim to follow participants over time and collect information provided by patients from the comfort of their own home. This provides researchers with invaluable data about di erent diseases and conditions. The data collection can be in the form of questionnaires, medical device data and DNA testing.

As a patient of DCND, we may identify you as someone that matches the criteria for a Cohort Science study, and send you an invite to participate by mail, email, and/or text message. Participation in these studies can be done entirely from home, without a requirement to visit your healthcare provider, hospital or clinic.

Cohort Science studies are inclusive, with an aim to recruit patients from di erent geographic regions and ethnicities to make sure all demographics are represented adequately. Without this partnership, many of our patients would miss out on their chance to participate in ground-breaking research.

For further information please contact the Cohort Science patient services team at +1 888 454 5580 or email

-You can also contact the DCND research department at 937-424-3033 or